"Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch."

- Orson Welles

There's one question keeps popping up in our office, especially before lunch hour. 
"Where are we having lunch today?"
And the answer is always, "I don't know." 

We understand that struggle, which is why we specially made this Local Lunch Guide for those of you in the neighbourhood with the same problem. Here we selected 11 local restaurants that we recommend for lunch in Central, SOHO and Sheung Wan district.

We also scored each restaurant by their taste, time, price and comfort. 

Have fun! 

Here are the address of the restaurants above. 
Sun Bor Kee 新波記茶餐廳 : 25 Tai Ping Shan St, Sheung Wan
For Kee Restaurant 科記咖啡餐廳 : 200 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan
Yuk Kin Fast Food 郁健快餐 : Shop A, G/F, Po Wan Building, 6 Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan
Hing Kee Coffee Shop 興記咖啡室 : 182, Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan
Shui Kee Coffee 瑞記咖啡 : Shop 17, 2/F, Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building, 345 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan
Ma Sa Restaurant 孖沙茶餐廳 : G/F, 23 Hiller Street, Sheung Wan
Sang Kee Congee 生記粥品專家 : 7 Burd St, Sheung Wan
Shui Kee Dai Pai Dong 水記 : 2 Gutzlaff Street, Central
Leaf Desserts 玉葉甜品 : 2 Elgin St, SOHO
New Blue Pool Restaurant & Bakery 新藍塘麵飽餐廳 : 71 Caine Rd, Mid-Levels