In our previous post "Your Coffee, Your Style", we revealed how your coffee order reflects your fashion style. Now here's a look at what your tea of choice may say about you. Let’s see if it matches your style!

Earl Grey Tea - “The Lady-like”

You have a distinct and elegant taste. You understand the essence of enjoying a delightful afternoon is to have that delicate English Earl Grey tea served in a set of fine china tea wares.

Chai Tea - The Cultured Yogi

The sweet and spicy flavors of Chai makes you remember the exotic taste from India. You crave adventure and enjoy immersing in different cultures. A cup of good Chai tea has a calming quality, yet reminds you to be bold and fuels you to explore the unknown.

Pu-er Tea - The Heritage

As the traditional choice of Chinese black tea, it’s simple and classic, just like you. You appreciate the flavor of aged Pu-er tea which has a long history in China. You may not be in the room's spotlight, yet you subtly show the sophisticated and classy side of you. 

Lavender Tea - The Meditator

Lavender tea as your choice of herbal tea shows a need for a meditative lifestyle and a fondness for earthy senses. While you may sometimes feel stressed or out of place, a warm cup of lavender tea can always calm your nerves and put you back on balance.


Matcha Tea - The Artist

Your love for Matcha tea is more than just tasting it's flavor, but more like an admiration for the whole tea making ritual. You enjoy selecting artful ceramics and being inspired by the beauty of tea ceremonies as an experience that inspires your imagination. 

Milk Tea - The Dreamer

Youthful and sweet. While you enjoy your tea with milk and maybe one or two sugars, you may have yet to experience and appreciate the bitter-sweet qualities in life. Your mind drifts into a day dream as you take another sip, seeing the world all ahead of you with so many endless possibilities to explore.