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Monday Pantry | Jou Sun 早晨 X 孖人廚房 Twins Kitchen - 2

Leftover Grilled Cheese Turkey Sandwich (Serves 1)

▸ 2 slices of Rye bread, toasted
▸ Cheddar cheese
▸ Turkey
▸ Gravy
▸ Butter

1. Layer a slice of the toasted rye bread with cheese, turkey, and gravy.
2. Add another slice of toasted rye bread. Put butter on the top.
3. Melt a pat of butter to coat a frying pan over high heat, and place sandwich on top. Cover to melt the cheese, about 2 to 3 minutes.
4. Flip the sandwich over and cover again for about 1 minute, or until other side is toasted. Enjoy immediately.